Saturday, June 21, 2008

Grammy and Aunt Christy babysitting- June 13th

My mom, sister and cousin Abby came to visit for a week. One of my favorite parts of their trip, in my eyes, is that they left my sister behind! She is spending the summer here with us! Oliver is going to be so lucky to have his Aunt Christy here with him. We took many pictures. Here are some candid shots. Oliver is watching us eat our dinner on the deck.
He loves to stand and hold onto anything we put him up against. He is working on pulling himself up to objects, but at the moment, he still needs some assistance. Sometimes we try to get him to sit and he won't bend at the waist because he is more interested in standing.
Grammy and Oliver. She is proudly wearing her Christmas present from my grandma.
Sophie, Aunt Christy (a.k.a. Nanny Christy) and Ollie in the play room.
Grammy and Ollie.
Soaking up time in his jumper. Oliver will take off in and go crazy in it. He will definitely let you know if you forget to turn the music portion of it on.

My cousin Abby, who is a junior in high school, may be interested in being a dental hygienist. She came to my work and observed and helped me out all day. It was so much fun to have her there. She was such a great help too. I hope I gave her a true impression of what a day in the life of a hygienist is like. I had to remind her that working with kids is very different than working with adults. I know she can do it!!!!!

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