Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day Five that what day it is? It seems that when you are on vacation, all the days blend together. Papa and Christy are keeping us on schedule since they have been working all week. Christy has been counting down the days until Friday (tomorrow) because she is done working for the summer. Oliver knows what day it is though...a work day for Aunt Christy! He and Callie are watching her get into her car to go to work this morning. I would have preferred to send her off to work from bed, but Oliver had other plans in store for me! These are the new shoes that we bought on our shopping trip yesterday. They were on sale (big shocker) and I had a coupon for an extra 30% off. I just love bargains!!
We ate lunch with the KING today.

Or was it the QUEEN?

Papa is changing his first diaper in 25 or so years. My mom and I were painting so he was in charge of Oliver. Luckily he got off easily this time. We'll have to make sure we save a good one for him sometime next week while he is off from work.

Oliver helped Papa with some serious yard work today. He enjoyed the mower so much.

This is a close up of one of the 6 hydrangea bushes that my parents have at their house. They are so gorgeous and make great center pieces at the dining room table. Fresh cut flowers in the house just make me so happy!

We went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner tonight. They made the perfect summer dinner and we ate outside on the patio. The weather was wonderful and we shared time with family and friends. Look for pictures tomorrow from the zoo. We are picking Grandma up and taking her to see all the animals. We ate dinner with Marilyn, Connie, Great Grandma, Mike, Grandma and Grandpa. Look at all that wonderful food! Grandma is going to be angry with me for posting this picture since she didn't know that I was snapping it, but it is the only one I have with all the friends in the picture. Sorry!!!Is that another ear of corn? Can you tell we are in corn country! It is 100 times better here than back at home. The corn is actually yellow, not white! Aunt Christy and I went to see her "friend" play baseball tonight after Oliver went to sleep. If you look closely, he is number 14 and is up to bat! He hit the ball far into mid-right field and advanced runners!!! Go Jed!
Papa was mowing the grass and Oliver was having a blast running up and down the rows with him. I couldn't resist posting this. My parents have a fairly large yard so you can guarantee that he is going to be a great sleeper tonight!!

This second video is from a day or two ago, but it was just too funny to pass up. He really enjoys this little red car.

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