Monday, July 20, 2009

Day two

Day Two started with a late wake up, some good cartoons and of course, MILK!
We then we to my Aunt Judy and Uncle Phil's house for lunch and some fun play time. Their house is like a playground! They have everything you could possibly ever imagine. We rode the red car.....
Nick, my cousin, used to ride this little bike when he was little.

Brooklyn's Dora bike....
I manged to burn some calories jumping on the trampoline. It is hard work!

Ate a delicious healthy lunch made by Aunt Judy. Oliver loves sweet corn!

And Scooby snacks for dessert.

Aunt Judy and I posing for a picture. This picture is too far away to tell, but everyone says I resemble my aunt very closely.We lubed up in sunscreen (hence the fabulous hair-do) and went swimming.Followed by Fazoli's for dinner with Aunt Lori, Abby and Ally.Then we came back to Grammy and Papa's house and played in Papa's "carpet". My dad takes serious pride in his wonderful manicured grass.And rode in the car that Aunt Judy let us take home to play with. What a happy grin.Aunt Christy, Ally, Abby and me all holding Oliver for a funny picture.What meal is complete without dessert? Oliver managed to convince Grammy that ice cream is a necessary finish to every day. Completing the night with Papa. They were watching women's softball and Oliver was cheering "run run run" every time a player hit the ball. It was very funny!

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