Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day Six

We had such a exciting surprising day today. We went to the zoo with Grandma in the morning and then went to lunch with Grandma and Grammy at Culver's. That is another one of my favorite places to eat! Oliver took a nice long nap (thank has been a few days since he had a good one). When he woke up went met up with all my family at dinner. I knew all of my family had planned to be there, but I was very surprised when they all had cards and presents and they were for me. My mom, dad and sister were VERY sneaky and had a surprise 30th birthday party for me! The funny thing is...I don't turn 30 until September so they really caught me off guard! After we left from dinner, we came back to my parents house and had a fun night playing games and talking.

This is Grandma and Oliver walking up to the first exhibit at the zoo. Grandma is pointing the way!
We saw lions....
and tigers.....and moving vehicles....oh my!!!
Oliver was far more interested in watching the trucks at the zoo than the animals. Camels....we were hoping they wouldn't spit at us!
They had a really neat petting zoo. Grandma took Oliver in to see the goats and he clung onto her like they were going to eat him up. He brought his legs up as far as they would go!

Oliver and Mommy! Can you tell there was a truck off to the side that he couldn't take his eyes off?

Oliver enjoyed feeding the fish. As soon as we threw a little piece of fish food in, they all swarmed the area. It was kind of gross!

Oliver is sitting in the seat where you have a perfect view of the monkeys.

The staff comes out singing and carrying on if it is your birthday! Oliver was so excited, he was clapping along!

Christy and Jed were there to celebrate with me.

and so was Grandpa!

Mommy and Oliver. Ollie had so much "dippy dippy" on his face. Chips dipped in ranch dressing...MMMM!

This is what was left of the cake

Oliver and Hannah clapping for another person's birthday celebration!
Bath time with Grammy!

My camera battery pooped out in the middle of our zoo visit, but luckily Grandma had her camera. When I get pictures from her, I will post more. We have really good ones of the train ride through the zoo and the alligators!!!

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