Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day Eight

We went our separate ways today divided by gender! The girls (my mom, sister and I) did what we do while Oliver and Papa bummed around town doing a few errands and eating yummy food! Here is Papa and Oliver all ready for their big day out. It is like the first day of school....stand outside and smile for the camera. Such good sports! I gave my dad the camera and told him to document the day with pictures so that I could blog it later. Well, he managed to get two pictures. This one is of Oliver eating a sucker from the office ladies at my dad's work.

The second one is of Oliver trying to walk in my dad's shoes. Which direction does he want to go? Not so sure.My mom, sister and I all took a break from shopping to go out for a nice lunch! We ate on a gambling boat and then all spent a whomping $5.00 gambling. None of won anything but it is always fun to play the penny slots!!
My mom and I at lunch. We made a run to Target and Oliver insisted on pushing this wheelbarrow through the store.Catching a lightening bug off mommy's hand. When he picked it up, he didn't know what to do with it. It was his first lighting bug experience.He was having such a good time with his new baseball glove and ball. Grammy and Papa made a trip to Toys R Us earlier in the week and stocked up on fun toys for Oliver. Did I ever mention how spoiled he is?? The glove is really neat because it has velcro in it that makes the ball stick!Rewind a couple of hours earlier and you would see this image. My dad was outside with Oliver and everyone else was sleeping so I took the new puppy in the bathroom with me while I got ready. Well, about 2 minutes into my shower I see Callie joining me. She (a 2.5 lb puppy) managed to climb over the side wall of the tub and into the shower with me. Good thing she has lots of fluffy hair otherwise she may not be so cute!

Okay, I take that last comment back. She stayed in my suit case for about 2 hours tonight. Initially we had sent out a search party for her when realized that she was missing, but I found her in here comfortably sleeping. The funny this is that I had thrown clothes into the suitcase on top of her not knowing that she was sleeping. Or should I say hiding?

Grammy spoiled him with this choo choo pillow. When I came upstairs to remove the dog from the suitcase to take her out to potty, I found him snuggled like this. How cute!!

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