Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day Four

Today we did a little shopping and then ate lunch with a good friend (and previous co-worker) at a local favorite restaurant. I always have to make sure that we get to that restaurant at least once while we are in town. Christy invited her "friend" over and she made us tasty chicken fajitas for dinner. Throw in some margaritas and dominoes and it was a perfect ending to an already perfect day.Oliver, Nick, Amy and little Emily! Oliver cheesing away!

Dining out with friends is such hard work!

He is wanting so badly to see what Aunt Christy is doing for dinner. Did some say MARGARITAS?? We had to make a virgin one for Oliver because he wanted "juice." He has only had juice a half dozen times before and each time must have been memorable if called this juice!
I offered to help my mom paint her living room. The back wall is brick and is a PAIN in the butt and needed two coats! ugh! I worked on the back wall while she painted the ceiling, and all three other walls. I think she thought I was a big slacker! The awesome thing...the carpet is being replaced so we could be as sloppy as we wanted. It was kind of therapeutic!

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