Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day Seven

One of our favorite traditions at my parents house is getting doughnuts early in the morning and all sitting around the kitchen indulging in a special treat. My dad used to wake my sister and I up and we would jump out of bed (with our hair a mess) get in the car and manage to be so excited for the one block trip the the supermarket to pick out our favorite one. We would put it in the box and most times the anticipation would just almost kill us as we always had to make a run to the back of the store to get a gallon of milk. As we got a little older you can imagine that we were almost being drug out of bed and then the times that we did get out of bed, we had to at least make our hair look half way presentable. Today, Papa started Oliver in on the tradition and took him and let him pick out his own doughnut!! They came back with the prized chocolate sprinkle doughnut!
Oliver with his choo choo pj's and Callie.Papa and Oliver are in the car and ready to go get the doughnuts!Silly Papa gave Oliver the entire box of doughnuts and we almost had none! Grammy was about 2 steps away, thankfully!Doughnut time!Uh-oh....Is that Oliver playing with Grammy's cards?We had a family reunion at a local park. Oliver enjoyed playing with the other kids.This is one of our family members dogs. Can you tell that Oliver really misses Sophie? He walked this dog around on its leash for quite some time. My grandma gave Oliver a little piggy bank with some pennies. He intently focused his attention as he placed each penny in the hole. Christy's friend works at a train station. He took us to see the trains up close. We have been talking to Oliver about going to see the trains for an entire week. We are in a parking lot nearby waiting for Christy and Jed to arrive to take us behind the scenes. He is so excited!!!Here we are up close to the trains and Oliver was so excited, HE SLEPT THE ENTIRE WAY THROUGH!!! It was so nice of Jed to take us on a special trip like that. Thank you!!!

Aunt Christy is getting a special treat from Grammy through the car window. This just shows you how silly she is!
This is a view of the new hospital that is being built! is huge!

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