Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bad Habits

Oliver developed some pretty bad eating habits while we were at home for Christmas. I attribute most of it to the grandparents! haha They just love to see him indulge in new foods. Oliver doesn't complain one bit! Larry's mom is going to be named Grandma marshmallow because she can coax him to do anything with the help of a teeny tiny little marshmallow and he LOVES it!

Papa and Oliver snacking on some Gerber graduate snackies. Got to love stocking stuffers!
Playing with the wing container at BW3's. Who says playing with your food is bad?

Okay, maybe it isn't all the grandparents fault. What is one doughnut going to hurt? I guess I didn't expect him to take control of it and try to eat it himself. Shockingly enough, he managed to get most of it in his mouth rather than on him. Sophie and Fizzle (my parents dog) came in with a quick clean up of the floor!

Ice cream? What is that?
My mom and Oliver put together the 1st annual Gingerbread house. You'll see in a later post more pictures, but the entire house fell apart so they decided to have a taste test to see if it was really good.I think he likes it!Is that Grandma feeding him french fries? Oliver really doesn't know what french fries are so he was in for a BIG surprise. I think he likes them as well!
Okay, Chick-fil-a isn't so bad. Did you know that you can order just a breast of grilled chicken? It is now one of our favorite spots to eat because Oliver LOVES to eat there. When I was pregnant, Larry and I ate there after every doctors appointment. Coincidence? I think so!
Update: Since we have returned back home, Oliver has consumed a large portion of fruits and vegetables. He had not had french fries, ice cream or doughnuts! haha

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Mike & Megan said...

Hey Min! I loved all of your Christmas pictures but this serious was my favorite...maybe because we can relate!! Nana was feeding Luke chips at lunch today! Of course he loved them and asked for 'more.' So funny : ). Looks like you guys were really busy!! Have you adjusted back to normal life after all the holiday excitement?