Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh Christmas tree.....

When we got to Larry's mom's house, we realized that she and John didn't have a Christmas tree yet. She had been swamped with things to do at school and didn't have time to go get one. Kevin, Larry and I all loaded in my dad's truck and braved the below zero (seriously!!! It was -2 and the windchill was -25) and picked out a tree. Let me tell you, everyone should pick out their trees in that kind of weather. There was no hesitation what-so-ever. We jumped out of the truck, each pointed at one we liked (there were only about 18 to choose from) all decided which one was the best. We pointed at the one we wanted, the gentlemen ran it though the binder and we threw it in the back of the truck. We purchased the tree at 4:45 and we are proud to say that we took the last tree off the lot. They took the signs down off the trailer as the three of us were sitting in the blasting heat wondering if we all had our limbs with us! The nice man even gave us a free wreath! I just love bargains! I would like to add that we drove past 4 places that had trees after Thanksgiving and this was the last one that we found. It was meant to be!

The tree grown children. Larry, Mindy and Kevin (Larry's brother). Oliver was napping when we took this picture!

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