Friday, January 30, 2009

snow day!

It finally snowed!

When Larry got home from work it had already began to rain so we hurried up and went outside to build a snowman. From the pictures you can tell that Oliver thoroughly enjoyed almost every second of being outside. He was doing great until he managed to face plant right into the snow and then it all frowns (or crying) after that. Here are some memorable pictures of Oliver's first Frosty! side note: We didn't have any coal so I used black pre-made decorator icing to make his eyes, nose and buttons. Frosty lasted about 3 hours before he decided to take a forever nap in the bushes. Well, every time the dog goes outside, I can't get her back in because she is very preoccupied with all that yummy icing. Bad move! Next year, we'll improvise with something else. Who would have thought?
Post face plant!

All bundled up and ready to to play. If only he could move his arms. Those cool purple boots are awesome. Got to love Grammy purchases! They really came in handy...they were warm AND he was able to walk in them! Perfect..if only they weren't purple. Eh, who cares!

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