Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas #2

Look how much changes in a year! This is Oliver on his first Christmas (2007) sitting in all the presents that Santa delivered.....
12 months later (2008) and still sitting in all those presents!

There must have been a bunch of good people this year at this house! Santa didn't forget to visit! Oliver and mommy walk down the stairs to see all the gifts that are laying under the tree. This was one of the most exciting moments of the year for my sister and I. We would wake each other up early in the morning and race down the stairs together to see what Santa had left! I hope Oliver will be as excited as I was!

The family all dressed up for Christmas morning, makeup and all! haha
Oliver got an Etch-a-sketch from Grammy and Papa.

To our surprise, he drew this all by himself!! We were shocked! Anyone see an extremely close resemblance to a happy face!

Oliver can't wait to dig into his stocking!
Aunt Christy gets a teacher related gift. Surprised...I am not. It is a lap desk so she can grade papers while sitting in a comfy chair. On her Christmas list this year was colorful notepaper to send letters home to parents. Such a teacher!

Papa gets a webcam! We have skyped them almost everyday since we have been back at home. Check out ! It is awesome!

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