Saturday, January 3, 2009

Grandma's House

Like Uncle...Like Nephew!

Oliver loves laptops just as much as Uncle Kevin. I think Oliver may show him a thing or two!
Daddy and Oliver haning out in their pj's. We love lazy mornings!

Grandma bought Oliver these gorilla slippers. He was compliant while having them put on, but once he got up and walked in them, he was very eager to pull them off. They were a little big which made him walk kind of funny especially on linoleum. Us adults sure did get a kick out of watching him in them.
More silly time for Oliver and daddy.

Larry and I left to run to the grocery store. Oliver had a meltdown! He is crying with his head in the door.

A couple of seconds later he was laughing.

And then back to crying! Sleepy and sad don't make a good combination. Sorry grandma that we left him with you!
All ready to go!

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