Friday, January 30, 2009

We had friends over for dinner. The ladies and kids were in the living room talking on Skype to my mom and sister. The guys were in the dining room talking about camping. We each thought the other was watching the kids. As we were chatting away, I heard dishes clanging with silverware. The noise is such a common noise I think we all tend to block it out. After a while it came to my conscience and I looked up and saw Oliver sitting on our peninsula making music. I just stood and froze. I was afraid that I would startle him if I screamed, but it took everything to hold it back. I asked Larry if he had put him up there, but he said no. That means that he climbed up there himself. YIKES! So, just for blog, we reenacted it. So far, the chair pads that I have put on have kept him off. A great deterrent.

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