Saturday, January 3, 2009

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Near our home is a large farm that attracts many visitors during the Christmas season. They have an old farm house that is decorated with Christmas light that turn off and on to music. This year they had a few different songs and it is such an eyesight! They have a huge stable with many different horses, pony rides and Santa comes on the weekends when he is away from his workshop. This year, we went with our friends, Bob and Kim. Here is Oliver just walking around like a big boy. The family near a very detailed mural in one of the animal barns. They had chickens, sheep, ponies, horses along with many other animals.

Beauty and the Beast! haha This is Kim (the beauty) and a soft soft horse that was far from being a beast. He loved the attention.

Bob and Kim watching the horses. Isn't Kim's hair cute?
Larry and Oliver admiring the horses. Oliver was extremely interested in them.

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