Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas #5

This year we had planned an entire Christmas Eve day at Larry's mom house. We had a slight twist because Kevin came down with a serious case of the flu and ended up spending Christmas Eve Eve and most of Christmas Eve in the hospital. He has fully recovered now!! We moved Christmas Eve to the day after Christmas. We celebrated with lunch, opening gifts and dinner.

Grandma is helping Oliver with the ribbon on the package. He was becoming fluent in present opening, but still needs some assistance with the ribbons!

Speaking of hospital visits, Uncle Kevin tends to be accident prone when he helps friends with construction. He has visible scars from stepping on a nail at our home a few years ago and most recently has one where a drill met his fingernail. Gruesome! We thought that he may benefit from a first aid kit. Little does he know that he has a truck full of Epsom salt on order! haha We still love you! Glad you are feeling better!

Grandma and Grandpa gave Oliver a set of Wedgits. Wedgits are construction toys that add geometry and symmetry to play time fun! Check out the website at
They are really cool!

This book is all about the Journey to Bethlehem to see baby Jesus! The star in the center of the book lights up when the book is opened. What an awesome gift!

Is this not the most perfect puzzle? Mommy (who does most of the cleaning) really loves it. The puzzle pieces move along the board but do not come out! Genius idea! Melissa and Doug gifts are so ingenious! Kid tested, mother approved.

Larry and I were trying to get Oliver to put a sticker on his head, but we ended up getting getting caught. Apparently Oliver could care less about the silly sticker.

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