Saturday, January 3, 2009

High School Friend Exchange

Okay, we are not exchanging friends, but every Christmas since high school all 6 of us get together and have a gift exchange. We are all now complete with husbands, so the guys all bring an "exotic" 6 pack of beer and leave with samples of what is left. This year we only had 4 girlies present, but have defintely made up with the number of children. Tunde wasn't feeling well so her and her beautiful twins did not make it. Jessica and her family were back home for a family Christmas this year. Here are some pictures of the night. 4 years ago we all would have gone out to see old friends at "local establishments", but this year we opted for a quiet dinner, sparkling grape juice, and yawning around 9. How times have changed (for the better!!!)
Katie's beautiful children Lily, and Danny along with Oliver. Her older son Ben was enjoying time with grandma and grandpa. The kids sure had fun playing together.

Katie and Lily eating dinner. Laura and Judd making a fabulous vodka sauce. Who needs to go out when there is vodka sauce? They were so gracious to open their house again this year for all of to enjoy time together.

Jen is opening her gift from Jessica. Gifts are allowed to be stolen, so I was so happy to get my hands on that present!! I think Jen got every gift swiped from her so she enjoyed opening most of the gifts!! Thanks Jen!!
Oliver hanging out near the steps in their beautiful home.

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