Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas #4

After spending Christmas afternoon with Larry's family, we complete Christmas day with a trip to my Aunt Lori's home for the evening. My mom's family is huge so we always have a lot of people to enjoy our time with. It wouldn't be Christmas without the annual Christmas photo. Yes, we cram 33 people into a living room for one big family picture! We are actually missing 17 people too. Get the wide lens because we are only growing. haha Quantity, not size! Check out Larry way in the back. I think he may be taller than the tree sans angel!
And then we slowly reorganize into smaller groups. Here are all the cousins and their children. For some reason, spouses are not included, but you get an idea...we are even missing 5 cousins and 7 of their children. wow!!These are all of my aunts and uncles, their spouses and my Grandpa!
Side note: check out the plate in all the pictures. Since I can remember we have written the date on a plate. Well, a few years ago, my engineer husband made the dial-a-plate! Instead of wasting a plate and scrambling to make it while eveyone is getting ready for pictures we simply dial it to the appropiate year! What a smarty pants! You should have heard the chuckles when we showed up with it a few years ago. What an engineer.

And finally our family!
Here is some of the family grazing near the food. After eating 2 times already today, we must muster the strength to find room for more!

Oliver and I are playing with Grammy's camera case. He was totally intrigued by it!This is my cousin Justin and his fiance Amanda. (Justin does smile...I promise and we don't have to worry about Amanda, she is ALWAYS smiling!) I posted a picture of them so you can get a preview of future posts. They are planning a visit sometime later this year! YAY!! I can't wait!!