Friday, January 30, 2009

January Pictures

Here are some pictures we took of Oliver during the month of January. I can't believe we had this much fun already. 2009 is going to be a great year!
Talking to Papa on the phone and as happy as can be.

Ryan can Wii too! He actually did a really great job!

Kim's flip flop birthday cake. Kim wears flip flops all the time, so when it came time to make a cake...there were no other options.

Oliver was have a blast passing out beer at Kim's party. I promise that is 'teething drool' not 'interest in beer drool'.
All dressed and ready for church. Aunt Christy bought every piece of this outfit! Great taste!

Do I see trouble? Double trouble? Ryan and Oliver may figure out how to drive a car by the time they are 10. They already are tag drive and I'll start the car!

Ready Ryan...hands on the wheel...I'll shift it into gear! HANG ON!!!

Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin??? Nah..just Oliver making some noise in the store. I seriously pity the mother that stays home with her child all day with this toy. I am extremely jealous of the mother of a child who can actually make beautiful music on a piano!

15 month checkup at the doctor's office. Oliver thoroughly enjoyed the cat and butterfly mural on the wall. Those are two of his favorite things to sign.

Larry went backpacking with some friends for 3 days in the WINTER! BRRR! He needed a sleeping bag that was warm enough for the near 0 degree temps. Oliver enjoyed daddy playing hide and seek with him at the store.

This is Oliver going through the recycling. Thankfully the bottle had been rinsed out! eek! I thought it was a neat picture because the winery that this came from is called Oliver Winery. How appropriate?? Just another 20 years until the real thing. Maybe on his 21st birthday, we'll take him there.

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