Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oliver is a WORKER

Oliver always likes to be doing something constructive. Hopefully, as we near age 2 is will not become destructive. We laugh that he can never sit down. (I wonder where he gets it from??) Well, here he is using a broom during our family Christmas at my aunt's house. There were so many toys to play with and he was most interested in the silly broom!

He is using a yard stick to stir the dog's food.

Grammy and Papa gave Oliver a toy vacuum for his birthday. Every time I vacuum the floors, Oliver has to get his little toy out and play! It is hilarious how he knows to push it forward and backwards like I do!

My mom got her little vacuum out to clean up a little mess that someone made, and Oliver thought it was so neat. When she was finished, he insisted that he have a turn. He must have played with it for 20 minutes. He insisted that the power stay on while he used it too.
Don't laugh too hard at this picture. My sister bought these sunglasses for her prize box at work. (Aunt Christy teaches 1st grade.) We put them on Oliver just to see what he would do. We didn't expect him to leave them on. Too bad they are PINK! Daddy and Papa weren't too impressed. Who cares about sunglasses when there is work to do!

Close up of those cute glasses....for a girl! He kept these on for about 30 minutes straight.

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