Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas #1

Every year we spend the evening of Christmas Eve with my dad's family. This year we held it at my parent's house. We had a wonderful dinner followed by present opening and then dessert! MMM! Aunt Julie should be a pastry chef...she always makes the best goodies!!!
Oliver had a bath somewhere in there and is all ready for Santa go come, but first we have presents to open!My grandma drew Larry's name in the gift exchange. As you can tell, he was so excited to get a beer making kit. Just kidding! He is really trying to mimic the man on the box.
This is a laptop computer that my grandma got Oliver. He always tries to play with mine, so now he has his own.

This year we drew names but we also surprised my grandma with a new TV! She was so surprised (and mad at us) you know how grandmas are. They never want anything for themselves.

Sophie is getting in the Christmas spirit! Aunt Julie gave her a green Bobo!


Manda said...

Sorry if it is offensive, it isn't meant to be - but from this view, the dude on Larry's box looks kinda like your dad!:) how fun, beer!:)

Cousin Ryan said...

Wow, my scrolling finger is tired!