Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas #3

We enjoyed spending time with Larry's mom's family for our Christmas #3! After we opened Santa's gifts on Christmas morning we got ready and went to see all of his family. We have it every year at an apartment clubhouse. Everyone brings dishes to share and the clean up is minimal! What a great idea!
Oliver sure warmed up with Grandma. He loves to snuggle!
Have toys will travel. Oliver is playing with his new toys from Santa!

Is that ANOTHER present for Oliver? Larry's Aunt Susie and Uncle Barry got him an adorable IU airplane ornament. Cousin Jennie got him a wiggle toy that is an eye catcher. Aunt Diane and Uncle Tom got him a bath time tugboat toy! He is so fortunate!

Absolutely no hesitation on opening presents. He had lots of practice this past 2 days!
Grandma, Uncle Barry and Grandpa all packed up and ready to go home. What a great time we had spending Christmas with family!

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