Monday, March 10, 2008


We watched Ryan this morning while very pregnant Amanda (she is due within the week) went for some pampering. He is so much fun to have. We went shopping and then met up with Heather. She is a neighbor who is going to watch Oliver on Tuesday's while Amanda takes time off to spend with her new baby! She is going to take Oliver back once she gets the swing of things with 2 children.
Oliver smiles whenever he sees the camera.

I asked Ryan to go sit BY Oliver so that I could take their picture. Apparently he thought I said ON Oliver. I was laughing so hard, I couldn't believe it. Oliver was grabbing at Ryan's sweatshirt hood just because it was within reach and Ryan jumped off Oliver and nicely said "don't pull my sweatshirt" followed by a super nice "please". My stomach hurt from laughing. They are just like brothers!

Oliver cannot take his eyes off Ryan or Sophie. He loves to watch both of them all the time!

Just playing around.

A close up of Oliver's pj feet. Aren't they cute?
Ride em' cowboy!

I checked on Oliver before I went to bed last night and found him comfortably sleeping like this. I moved his leg in and he didn't even stir. I guess I need to go buy the breathable bumper at Babies R Us. It keeps their limbs in but allows them to breath if they get caught up against it and can't pull themselves away. I had to take the bumper off that matches the crib set because it is not recommended for the same reason that they could suffocate.

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