Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Half way done!!

Well, we are over half way through with daddy being gone! We can't wait until Easter Eve! (Only 240 hours left if you are counting!) We woke up very happy today and played a lot this morning. Then we went shopping to do some returns, went for a walk, ate dinner and is now fast asleep in bed!
After Oliver ate his dinner, he sat and watched me eat mine!

He is like an octopus now. He grabs for everything. Sometimes I think that he has 8 hands. Here he is reaching for the camera. I'm gonna get you!!!

Ready to go shopping!

Attempting to take his 5 month picture. He sits up by himself now and it is hard to get him to sit up straigt and to sit still. I think this is the best one. I guess I will have to try again tomorrow.

Oliver is having his daily talk with Grandma. Most of the time she talks to him and he eats the phone.

Oliver loves his Sophie! Sophie loves her Oliver. She will allow any type of love that he will give to her. I wonder if Sophie knows what she is in for as he starts to become mobile.

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