Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On the up swing

I think Oliver is feeling a little better today. He has been on the antibotics for 24 hours. He is coughing a little less but there is still a lot of noisy air still in his chest. He sounds like a kitten purring when he breathes sometimes. I have the vaporizer going in his room right now. The entire upstairs smells like Vicks! It reminds me of when I was younger. My dad used to put the Vicks vaporub on our chests and then he used to take his finger and touch our noses! I went to work today and he stayed with my good friend Heather. He just loves to be there with her. She said that he didn't cry at all today. When I picked him up, he took one look at me and started to fuss. He did the same thing last week. I guess he misses his mommy!

Grandma and Grandpa Byorni gave this little inch worm to Ollie for Christmas this year. He really gets a kick out of the sections that sound like crinkled paper.

He loves to eat his feet when he isn't wearing any clothes.....

....and when he is wearing clothes.

I was taking pictures of Oliver and I said, "smile for daddy!" This is the huge grin that he gave. Only 4 more days until he can smile at daddy all day long!

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