Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Eve...

Today we spent the day just haning out as a happy family. We got things ready for Easter tomorrow. Sophie was very happy that she was able to go for a walk around the block. Since Oliver wasn't feeling well lately and the weather was a little cold, she was unable to get her exercise. She was very happy! We went out to lunch and then made a trip to the store to get some things that Larry needs since his luggage is still MIA. I can't even count how many phone calls we have made today to try to track it down. Ugh! The last phone call was productive. They said that is has been located and it should be delivered tonight. It is a few minutes before midnight and no luggage. Maybe they meant tomorrow night. Who knows?? We also stopped by to see Maya today. It was Larry's first time seeing her. He got to hold her! She had a beautiful little headband on. She is going to be a girly girl for sure!!!!

We handed this egg to Oliver and he couldn't figure out what to do with it. It was too big to fit into his mouth......

So....he tried really hard to hold onto it, but ended up dropping it!

Very happy to help color the eggs. He liked the purple plastic egg better than the real one.

I am not sure who is having more fun. Mindy or Oliver? or is it Sophie?

We are having friends (Bob and Kim) over for Easter dinner tomorrow. This is the carrot cake that I made for dessert. I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

The table is all set! I can't wait for all the good food tomorrow! I thought it would be festive to hang Easter eggs from the chandelier. (Okay, I stole the idea from Martha!)

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