Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


Oliver sporting his green! No one was able to pinch him today.
Oliver celebrated the day with a visit to the doctor's office! He wasn't feeling well yesterday and the congestion moved into his chest today. He spent the day coughing and the doctor prescribed an antibiotic! His first antibiotic! He was a pretty good sport all day and managed to wear this super-cool hat for some pictures and the entire time I ate my dinner. Corned beef and cabbage! Mmmmm!

Just another picture of him wearing his hat!

Almost ready for a bath. One more picture of his cute shirt. Thanks Grammy Pam!!! She sent it to him in a package with his name on it. It was kind of odd getting mail addressed to Oliver.

All ready to go the doctor. Not feeling well, yet never stops smiling!

His shirt got stuck while I was trying to take it off. He seemed to think it was funny so I stopped to take a picture. Silly Ollie, or should I say...silly mommy!

He loves bath time!

He was babbling so much in the bath tonight. This picture captures it completely. His tongue just happens to be up toward the roof of his mouth when I snapped it.

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