Saturday, March 8, 2008

Windy day!

We survived one week with Larry away on travel. Only 2 more to go.
:( It was so windy here today. Our neighbors house had a tree fall on it. They have a fairly good amount of damage. Luckily it was limited to the garage and no one was home when it happened. The fireman cut down the tree so the neighbors could use their driveway and they put a tarp on the roof for the people. You would have thought the house was on fire because there were a bunch of fire trucks there! Either that or a slow day. Can't imagine with the wind like it was.

Here is Mr. Happy first thing in the morning. He definitely takes after his dad. Sometimes I wonder if he is my child. For those of you who have seen me in the morning, you know that I don't really care for them.

We went for a walk today. The weather was really gloomy, rainy and VERY windy. The kind of day that you want to stay in your pj's. Well, I took the dog out to go potty and realized that it was almost 65 degrees. How could we pass up that weather for walk?? The clouds parted and we went for a big lap around the nighborhood (1 mile). I cut the first lap a little short because the clouds were blowing in. When we got in front of our house, most of them had blown over so we attempted the next lap. As we made it down to the end of the street it started to POUR! There was no warning (other than the dark clouds, duh!). We ran home. I can't remember the last time I ran like that. Boy was it a workout. Sophie was panting when we got home. It took about and hour for my hair to dry and Sophie smelled like wet dog for a couple of hours. All I could do was laugh. It was even more funny when Kim emailed me and said that she saw us running home. I wonder who else saw us???

Oliver all dressed up for church tonight. We decided to try Saturday night mass instead of Sunday morning. He was a really good boy! His feet look huge in this picture.

Warming up after his bath.

All ready for bed. He was very tired tonight. So is mommy!

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