Saturday, March 15, 2008

wow...what a night

Well, Oliver is now fast asleep but after last night, I hope that this night goes better! He was up from 1:30-3:30 wide awake. He finally fell asleep back in his crib and then woke up again at 5:30. He had absolutely no intentions of sleeping or eating. We watched Sesame Street for an hour. I had no clue it was even on that early. Are kids really awake then? I feel bad for their parents!! I put him in his swing around 6:30 and he miraculously slept until 9:30. I hope he isn't turning into a night owl! We spent most of the afternoon at Kim and Bob's house. Kim and I went grocery store and then we made cookies and had dinner together! Thanks guys...the meatloaf was awesome. Definitely going to have to steal that recipe!

Oliver and Kim are having a blast!

Still more laughing! Miss Kim is silly!

Rosy cheeks! He just finished eating and is VERY happy!

Oliver loves to touch Sophie. I think Sophie is depressed that daddy is gone. I am in the basement now and I can hear her whining because she wants to come down here.

This is Oliver at 9:30 this morning. What a terd! He was very happy to be awake...AGAIN!

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Anonymous said...

Oliver is so cute! How "tall" is he now? Probably off the charts just like our Ava. The nurse came back in the room to double check her length at her 4 month appointment! We sent you guys a Christmas card, but it got returned... did you move or was Erin hitting the egg nog too hard and mislabel it? Anyway cool blog. Tell Larry I said Hi!

Matt (& Erin, Abby, Ava, & Oscar)