Sunday, March 23, 2008


We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter full of family and friends! (and a lot of food!) We woke up to a phone call this morning. It was a special delivery man, but he wasn't dressed as the Easter Bunny. He was dressed in an US Airways delivery outfit! Larry's luggage arrived at 7 this morning. He was very excited. He came upstairs with it and I started to sing the song "Reunited and it feels so good!" We both got a chuckle out of it.
After getting ready for church, we wandered downstairs to see what goodies the Easter Bunny had brought. Oliver had such a good time with all of his new gifts. Larry took Sophie out this morning and noticed that we had been egged by the Easter Bunny! There were little colorful eggs outside in our yard. Some of them had candy, one had money and a few of them had little messages in them.
Bob and Kim came over for a yummy dinner and lots of dessert! We spent the afternoon eating and talking. What a relaxing day! Here are some pictures!
This is Oliver with his Easter basket!

Oliver with his Easter basket again.

He is trying to eat the card that Grammy Pam got him.
Can you say fortunate? All of these gifts are for Oliver. These are from both Grandma's and Grandpa's, Aunt Christy, Great Grandma Lois, and Mommy and Daddy! What a lucky boy!

He loves this ball from Aunt Christy. He can put his fingers in it to hold it. He played with these at the play gym when we went a few weeks ago. I mentioned it to Christy that he really enjoyed them and what do you know....they showed up in his Easter basket from her. She is a really good listener! Can you tell that she is a teacher? A good teacher!

Daddy, Sophie and Oliver posing with all of the eggs outside! It was cold!

The bunny napkins that I folded for dinner today. They took a lot of starch, but were really fun and festive!

Daddy and Oliver at dinner. Oliver still has his Easter clothes on.

Mommy and Ollie ready for church.

Oliver posing so we can see his Easter clothes. He has a hat that matches, but apparently it didn't make it in this picture, neither did the really cute sandals!

There is the hat and the cool bib that Grammy Pam sent. He is all ready for his Easter dinner. Rice cereal and prunes! MMMMM!

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Aunt Christy said...

Ok, so Sophie looks really scary in that picture with the bunny ears. I can't believe she left them on long enough for a picture! I can't wait to see Oliver in his Easter outfit while I am in town. The poor guy is going to be so dressed up the entire time I'm there, he is going to be happy when I leave!