Monday, March 3, 2008


Another day over already. We went for a long walk today because the weather was so wonderful. It was a whomping 60 something. That is a heat wave around here!

My friend, Rebecca, had a baby girl today. Alyssa Jordan. Mom and baby are both doing well.

Not much else going on. I am ready for bed. I have to work tomorrow!

Oliver loves to play with Sophie. I think they may be playing peek-a-boo!
They share a lot of the same interests..chewing! It was Sophie's birthday two days ago. She got this new bone!

The weather was so nice today. Sophie and I ate breakfast on the deck. I paid some bills, made some phone calls and chatted with the neighbor. Oliver was taking a really long nap.

Do you think he is enjoying real food?

I had a CPR class in Dunkirk tonight. It was a long drive home.

Getting ready for bathtime.

Clean, full and sleepy!

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