Friday, March 14, 2008

Stella is up!! & Happy Birthday Bob!!

What a wonderful relaxing day! The weather was B-E-AUTIFUL! We had the windows and doors open all day. I even slept with a bedroom window open last night! Oliver had a rough night last night. He woke up at 3:30 and wasn't interested in sleeping or eating! ugh. Finally he fell asleep though. :) We got up this morning, went to the store and then spent most of the day outside! It was wonderful!!!!
This is Bob (holding Maya)! Today is his birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!!

Here is Stella the stork all polished and ready for Maya's homecoming. Larry brought her out of the basement before he left so that she could get a fresh coat of PINK paint! She has never worn pink before. I think it is a good look for her. This is her 4th time out in the neighborhood. Who is next???
Oliver sat in the car with the door open while I put the name and information on Stella today. We knew the baby was coming home today so after we got home from the hospital last night, Dave drove his truck down and put her in the back and together with Bob, they zip-tied her to their front porch.

Oliver just hanging out and smiling as usual. I found a Sudoku puzzle in the newspaper today and gave it a try. It has been so long since my brain has been stimulated. I am going to have a headache tonight! hahaha Apparently he thought it was fun too!

Sophie enjoyed the puzzle as well. She is always under my feet or as close to them as possible. I think she misses the rough tug of war that she plays with daddy.

Ready for bed. Still smiling.

While I was taking these pictures he must have rolled over and over 10 times. Finally he stopped on his back so that I could get a picture. So many of the pictures are blurry from him moving so much.

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