Friday, March 28, 2008

Our Goddaughter

Larry and I officially have a Goddaughter! We are so proud to announce that Maya was baptized today! We had a private ceremony officiated by Msgr O'Connell. Steve and Amanda asked us to be her Godparents while Larry was away on travel. Amanda called me one night and then put me on hold. I thought...hmmm? What is she doing? A few seconds later she was dialing in my ear. Then I hear, are you there? It was Larry's voice. We were both so confused that we could hear each other. We had just hung up the phone from one another about a half hour ago. They put us both on three way and asked us if we would be Maya's Godparents! I was so excited, I started to cry! We feel so honored that they chose us! We promise to be the best Godparents ever!!!
Here is Maya in her beautiful dress. You can't see it in the picture, but it has little pearls around the neckline. What a gorgeous little girl. Check out her long fingers. I can't wait until she is old enough to paint her fingernails!
Larry and I outside of the church. Oliver was sleeping in the car, so we were having fun outside in the beautiful weather (74 degrees today) until the ceremony started.

Our family after the ceremony.

Maya is wearing the cross necklace that Larry and I gave to her. We hope that she can wear this when she gets older to remember this special day.

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